The Resilient Leadership Series – The Transforming Qualities of a Resilient Leader

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The Resilient Leadership Series – The Transforming Qualities of a Resilient Leader
The Resilient Leadership Series – The Transforming Qualities of a Resilient Leader





    In times of mighty challenge, resilient leaders are defined first, by who they are … Never before have we so desperately needed bold authentic leadership that inspires real energy, commitment, resilience and resolve to move forward with hope and optimism. We look to our leaders to be an example of all that is needed now. 

    Are you the kind of leader people want to follow? As we move through ongoing challenges, how leaders show up, will be remembered for years to come. Discover the 5 Qualities of a Leader including insights and tools to assess and strengthen your ability to, not only survive, but thrive in a world of uncertainty.



    Course Content:

    In this course you will gain knowledge about the following topics: 

    • 5 Qualities of a Leader who Thrives in a Crisis (Optimism and Energy, Personal Purpose, Compassion, Curiosity and Courage)
    • The Mighty Challenge of Leadership and Why You Need These Now
    • How to Balance Challenge and Accountability with Support and Encouragement
    • Resilience Defined – The One Practice You Must Have
    • How to Avoid Toxic Positivity and Cynicism and Ignite Real Energy and Optimism
    • The 2 Minute Purpose Practice
    • How to Avoid Compassion Fatigue
    • The Do’s and Don’ts of Practicing Compassion
    • The Benefit of Critical Think Time and How to Build It In
    • How to Get Real and Clear about Accountability Using Three Powerful Questions
    • Face Down Fear and Summon Your Courage – One Question to Ask Daily
    • Your Leadership Practice – Take the 7 Day Prescription

    This course is one of a five-part series on building resilient leadership:

    1. The Transforming Qualities of a Resilient Leader
    2. Energize your Team Thought Uncertainty
    3. Who’s Listening?
    4. Manage your Mindset and Emotional Well-Being
    5. Balance Life, Work and Overwhelm

    Courses can be completed together in a Certificate Program, or stand-alone.


    Learning Objectives:

    Upon completing this course, you should be able to: 

    • You will leave knowing the 5 Qualities of Resilient Leadership and how to develop these in yourself and your team
    • You will learn some personal and team strategies to emerge from challenges, more confident and with greater resilience
    • You will have more insight into our current mental health challenge and how to manage with both support and encouragement and challenge and accountability
    • You will have some tools to build energy and optimism and combat the heaviness and weariness of a challenging journey


    Who Will Benefit: 

    Anyone who is in a leadership position and are interested in renewing the culture, building engagement, and leading innovation and change. 



    Tammy looks at our current environment, with all of the challenges we are encountering, and reminds us how we can help our colleagues with the struggles while maintaining our own levels of security, safety and contentment.  Katrina 

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