The Resilient Leadership Series - Energize Your Team Through Uncertainty

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The Resilient Leadership Series - Energize Your Team Through Uncertainty
The Resilient Leadership Series - Energize Your Team Through Uncertainty





    How do you keep people’s heart in the game? How do you keep people engaged? It may not be what you think it is. It’s not policies or programs or trinkets or incentives. It is mostly about regular frequent and consistent conversations that build trust, understanding, connection, belonging, learning, and meaningful contribution. Are you asking enough questions about the things that matter? This session will provide some tools and ideas to make your one-on-one conversations a more powerful leadership tool that builds real energy and engagement.

    With 6 simple and powerful conversation templates you will be able to have the kinds of conversations that bring more clarity, focus and ease to you and your team. Everything a leader does to energize a team (acknowledge, inspire, mentor, support, encourage, challenge and provide feedback) happens within a conversation.  This course is about how to strengthen and build enthusiasm and commitment for the long haul.   



    Course Content:

    In this course, you will gain knowledge about the following topics: 

    • Reframe the Challenge of Leadership Now – The Opportunity is Immense
    • The Importance of Consistent Check-In’s and How to Get Past the Discomfort 
    • Simple Ideas to Build Your Hybrid Team and Learn How to Make Sure Every Team Member Feels they Belong
    • Know How to Start and End Every Conversation so People Feel Better (More confident, optimistic and engaged).
    • The 6 Expectations People have from Work and Ways to Meet Them
    • Motivation vs Inspiration – What is the Difference and Why it Matters?
    • “Point and Rush” – How Your Team can Acknowledge and Appreciate Regularly
    • The Power of Questions and How to Ask Them
    • What’s Wrong with Feedback?
    • Four Questions for Better Feedback Conversations
    • Your Leadership Practice – Take the 7 Day Prescription

    This course is one of a five-part series on building resilient leadership:

    1. The Transforming Qualities of a Resilient Leader
    2. Energize your Team Thought Uncertainty
    3. Who’s Listening?
    4. Manage your Mindset and Emotional Well-Being
    5. Balance Life, Work and Overwhelm

    Courses can be completed together in a Certificate Program, or stand-alone.


    Learning Objectives:

    In this course, you will gain knowledge about the following topics: 

    •  You will leave with a deeper understanding of what drives real engagement and how your leadership impacts your team’s energy and commitment
    • You will have deeper insight into the 6 Expectations Employees have now and what you can do as a Leader to Engage, Support, Encourage and Challenge Your Team to “Show Up” and Offer Their Best
    • You Will Have 6 New Conversation Templates and more tools to build belonging, clarify expectations, build meaning, offer genuine appreciation, create learning and offer feedback
    • You Will Find new ways to Restore Calm, Build Confidence and Help Your Team Manage Ongoing Change



    Who Will Benefit: 

    Anyone in a leadership position who are interested with renewing the culture, building engagement, and leading innovation and change. 

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