The Great Debate: Mutual Funds vs ETFs

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This course is all about how mutual funds are designed to make money for the sellers. The problem is that their profits come directly from your pocket. It’s an inherent conflict of interest that most people never figure out. This course will show you all the ugly details about how mutual funds work. You’ll learn how they continue to generate fees for the fund companies, and the advisors who sell them, even when you lose money. You’ll also find out how much your adviser has been charging you and what your money-weighted rate of return has been after fees. We’ll also look at a much better alternative to mutual funds, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). You’ll also learn how to get out of mutual funds at the lowest possible cost.



Course Content:

In this course you will gain knowledge about everything you need to know about mutual funds:

·         The types of visible fees and how they work including front-end load, deferred sales charge (DSC), low-load, no-load, fee-based, high net worth

·         How the Management Expense Ratio (MER) fees are charged without you even seeing them and how they make your advisor rich

·         How to calculate the punitive effect of fees for your mutual funds using a free spreadsheet

·         The problems with mutual funds and how to get out of them

·         The required investment return and fee disclosure rules and how to use them to determine if your advisor is worth the cost

·         How to transfer your account to a new advisor

·         How to find and use the Fund Facts document that gives you all the details you need to know about the mutual funds you own

·         All about the main alternative to mutual funds: Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

·         How poorly actively managed mutual funds have done versus the related benchmark indexes

·         Why passive investing is a better option

·         How to use to make solid investment decisions going forward


The course also includes the following free spreadsheet:

·         Mutual Fund Fee Calculator


Learning Objectives:

The main objective is to inspire you to take control of your own investments, get away from costly mutual funds and secure a comfortable retirement. Other objectives discussed are:

·         Learning about how mutual funds work

·         How to become familiar with visible fees (front-end, rear-load, low-load, no-load, fee based)

·         Discover how invisible fees drain your investments (Management Expense Ratio MER and Trading Expense Ratio TER)

·         Learn how insidious trailing commissions work

·         Find out how to get all the key data about any mutual fund you own

·         Learn all about Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) and why they are better

·         Uncover the secret: How poorly actively managed mutual funds have done versus ETFs

·         Get a free spreadsheet that calculates the punitive effects of mutual fund fees

·         Learn how to research mutual funds and ETFs using


Who Will Benefit: 

Anyone who is interested in taking control of their investments.


Member Price: $83.00
Non-member Price: $92.00

Delivery Method: E-Learning
Available Now!

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