Project Management Fundamentals

CPD Hours: 2 |

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Project Management Fundamentals
Project Management Fundamentals





    Are you looking to refine your project management skills? 
    Do your projects get off track?  
    Do you experience unintended outcomes? 
    Do you struggle to complete a project?  

    This course provides researched-based tools to help control, manage and complete projects.  
    Project management fundamentals will provide researched-based tools to help control, manage and complete your projects. This includes:

    • How to work with cross-functional teams
    • The 4 phases of project management
    • Gantt charts
    • Work breakdown structure (WBS) 



    Learning Objectives:

    • Defining project management
    • Identifying essential project management tools
    • Demonstrating the use of project management tools to improve productivity


    Who Will Benefit: 

    Accounting and finance professionals looking to find efficient and effective ways to improve their project management skills. 

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