Getting Started with Pivot Tables

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This on-demand course is designed to get the viewer up and running with Pivot Tables. It covers the fundamentals of Pivot Tables to go from spreadsheet data to a useful Pivot Table. The viewer will also get exposure to various Pivot Table options, filters, terminology, and learn how to configure Pivot Tables for a report. The course also covers tips and tricks on troubleshooting and data discipline. Viewers can practice along with the supplied data.


Course Content:

In this course, you will gain knowledge about the following topics:  

  • Understanding Pivot tables 
  • Setting up data to create Pivot Tables effectively 
  • Introduction to the concept of Range Data and Table Data 
  • Creating Pivot Tables from spreadsheet data 
  • Important Pivot Table options – ensuring Pivot Table effectiveness 
  • Some key features in configuring Pivot Tables – Drilling to Detail (multi-tiered tables), Formatting Pivot Tables, arranging Pivot Table fields 
  • Exploring Filters, Slicers and Timelines 


Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to create and configure Pivot Tables for reports
  • Learn data discipline and troubleshooting tips
  • Get exposure to some Pivot Table terminology and recognize Pivot Table elements 
  • Learn how to filter Pivot Tables for useful reporting 


Who Will Benefit: 

Those who create reports from data on a regular basis and would like to explore the power of Pivot Tables in reporting.


Member Price: $126.00
Non-member Price: $140.00

Delivery Method: E-Learning
Available Now!

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