Generative AI and the CPA Profession

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Generative AI and the CPA Profession
Generative AI and the CPA Profession





    Generative AI (artificial intelligence), such as Chat GPT and Google’s Bard, has captured the public consciousness more quickly and intensely than other transformative technologies. Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a significant driver in many professionals attempting to understand and maximize generative AI for productivity and income-earning purposes.

    Generative AI is game-changing, although not necessarily a leap in machine and deep learning innovation.   For the CPA Profession, we must grapple with how this technology will integrate with our highly valued skill sets, including:

    1. Critical thinking
    2. Professional judgement
    3. Trust and leadership

    Understanding the journey of AI from Alan Turning’s CAPTCHA to generative AI is part of understanding where we are today and where this technology may be heading.   And what these developments in AI mean for the CPA profession in terms of our current skill set, development and knowledge.

    For full disclosure reasons: The above and below were NOT written by generative AI.

    Learning Objectives:

    Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

    • Define artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning
    • Differentiate between strong AI and weak AI
    • Define generative AI
    • Name at least three generative AI platforms
    • Explain how generative AI creates content
    • Identify the strengths and opportunities of generative AI for the CPA profession
    • Identify the weaknesses and threats of generative AI for the CPA profession
    • Discuss how generative AI will affect our ethical decision-making process
    • Identify action steps to prepare for the integration of generative AI within our profession


    Who Will Benefit:

    Accounting professionals seeking to understand recent developments in artificial intelligence and how these developments may affect CPAs.

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