Financial Analysis - Month End

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Financial Analysis - Month End
Financial Analysis - Month End





    Today’s marketplace is characterized by increasing competition, declining margins, and a reduction in customer loyalty. In order to compete effectively, every organization must thoroughly analyze its financial results to understand its strengths, weaknesses, and then take action for the future. This course looks at current and emerging best practices in financial analysis in order for financial analysts to understand results and communicate them effectively to key people in their organization. 



    Course Content:

    This course will review the key concepts behind financial analysis, use a real-company example of a cost-center analysis, and review both current and emerging best practices for month-end financial analysis. The course will also cover methods of communicating and/or presenting results to key decision-makers and highlight business intelligence (BI) tools.  


    Learning Objectives:

    You will learn about both current and emerging best practices in month-end financial analysis. You will also learn about business intelligence (BI) software which is revolutionizing has financial analysis is being conducted. You will learn about the type of information that your internal clients need and how to provide this information effectively to the people you support, which is ultimately what helps you to advance in your own careers.  


    Who Will Benefit: 

    This course will benefit financial professionals working within an accounting department or a business unit and who are involved in cost-center or other month-end analysis and/or reporting

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