Ethics – That Feeling In Your Gut

CPD Hours: 2.5 | Ethics Hours: 2.5

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Ethics – That Feeling In Your Gut
Ethics – That Feeling In Your Gut





    This course is a provocative discussion of ethical issues in accounting, tax, and business and their resolution focusing on an important component, your gut. A recent survey taken by the course presenter revealed that 53% of CPAs had failed to listen to their gut on an ethical issue in their career and regretted it. The presenter shares personal and other experiences with ethically challenging situations and ways to deal with them.




    Course Content:

    Upon completing this course, you should be able to: 

    • Consider the role of your gut, versus analysis in ethical decision-making
    • The risks of ignoring your gut
    • What is your ethics gut and where does it come from?
    • Ethics issue or professional disagreement?
    • Truth in government funding documents
    • Being ready to be fired for taking a stand
    • An eclectic group ethical scenarios, primarily from real-life
    • Ethics in society…testing and future CPAs
    • Diversification of ethics risk, the employed versus the public accountant
    • Testifying against a former employer in court
    • Ethics in the job interview – is the candidate strong on ethics?
    • Are fines a cost of doing business?
    • Ethics pressure and coercion by incentives
    • Nepotism and ethics
    • Ethics and travel expenses
    • Another way to punish the fraudster
    • Cash payments and taxes
    • Learning from ethics history
    • You will come out on top in the end! 



    Who Will Benefit: 

    This course is for anyone who wants to learn more about ethical issues in accounting, tax, and business.


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