Essential Skills to Improve Performance, Engagement and Workplace Culture

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Essential Skills to Improve Performance, Engagement and Workplace Culture
Essential Skills to Improve Performance, Engagement and Workplace Culture





    While technology is rapidly taking over more and more tasks in accounting and in other professions, soft skills are increasingly valued and sought after in every industry. Skills such as empathy, conversational intelligence, listening, coaching, and leadership skills are imperatives for upwardly driven careers in businesses and organizations. These skills generate greater access to your resourcefulness and untapped potential and enable you to “raise the bar” while supporting others improve their performance.  You will learn principles and strategies that will positively influence your workplace culture. 


    Course Content:

    In this course, you will gain knowledge about the following topics:

    • Foundational principles of coaching and why it creates remarkable results
    • Coaching vs. managing mindsets; understanding and applying the difference
    • Coaching dialogues: powerful questions that draw out best solutions and augment motivation 
    • Challenging case studies to practice and demonstrate coaching skills in action
    • Signature presence: harmonizing your character strengths and personality for impact.
    • Conversational intelligence: Understanding the 3 levels of conversations in daily work lives
    • The 5 languages of appreciation: how to give effective appreciation at work
    • Mastering advanced listening skills and why they matter in career advancement
    • The Feedback loop: providing feedback in an effective, specific, and focused manner
    • Knowing how to guide meetings for better focus, intentions, expediency and results
    • Coaching tools to raise awareness, motivation and to generate insightful coaching conversations 
    • Principles and strategies that foster positive changes in workplace cultures 


    Who Will Benefit: 

    Accounting and finance professionals who may aspire to a leadership position, want to coach or mentor colleagues/employees, or to further improve their own performance and engagement. 

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