Dynamic Leadership - Adjusting Your Leadership Style to the Situation

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Dynamic Leadership - Adjusting Your Leadership Style to the Situation
Dynamic Leadership - Adjusting Your Leadership Style to the Situation





    No single leadership approach fits all employees and all situations. This engaging, interactive workshop helps you expand your range and flexibility as a leader so you can give your employees the direction and support they need in each situation. This course takes you beyond the rigid 4-box “situational leadership” model to a much simpler and more flexible leadership and coaching model. 

    You will learn how to see leadership in its proper context: (i) the employee’s readiness for the task at hand, and (ii) the seriousness of the business situation. Our Dynamic Leadership toolkit offers simple building blocks you can use to generate exceptional leadership results in almost any situation. This is a foundational approach to leadership that is useful for all leaders, and the practical tools and techniques will serve you well for decades.

    The benefits of Dynamic Leadership are numerous, including: More efficient, effective, timely, and appropriate supervision and coaching. Building trust and respect by giving employees the support they need. Better employee engagement, productivity, development, and retention. Expanding your range and flexibility as a leader. Enhancing your ability as a leader to self-adjust (coach yourself). And speeding up the cycle of employee learning on your team.




    Learning Objectives:

    Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

    • Learn how to adjust your leadership style for employee needs and the business situation 
    • Learn classic leadership approaches to the eight most common employee situations
    • Learn how to assess employee readiness, motivation, and skills in everyday meetings
    • Improve your ability to coach employees on their skills, motivation, and confidence
    • Add rigour to the way you clarify roles, goals, and metrics for better project results
    • Improve your rigor in delegation, engagement, empowerment, and skill development
    • Learn how to make your employees part of the solution for enhanced buy-in and trust
    • Review a guide to debriefing for tracking progress to plan and keeping projects on track 
    • Learn the secret of constructive feedback


    Who Will Benefit:

    Leaders at all levels: managers, team leaders, and entrepreneurs.


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