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CPA Build© is a FREE program for Alberta CPAs and candidates.  The modules in the program may qualify for up to 10 hours of your annual unverifiable CPD requirements, depending on how much can be considered new learning. The resources include links to many sources of verifiable CPD that may be relevant for you.  CPA candidates can email to request complimentary access. 

Complexity, volatility, uncertainty, and ambiguity are constants in the world of the CPA. As professionals, you are looked to, entrusted, and relied upon to protect, steward, and lead your teams, businesses, organizations and/or clients or client businesses, not only despite challenges, but often because of them. Sometimes daunting, it’s a commitment also ripe with opportunity.

CPA Build© is designed to help you be future-ready, so you can build your career—to find and set direction, and to shape the kind of future you aspire to create, and to leave behind.

This free-to-Alberta CPAs (and candidates) program begins with an overarching lens on value creation and then guides you through exploration, discovery, and self-reflection for each element of the ACCESS-BRIDGES framework—acronyms for two suites of future-ready core attention areas. The first set—ACCESS to opportunity—is more self-focused, emphasizing personal-professional success attributes. The second set--BRIDGES gaps—is more outward facing, centered on professional duty and contribution.

The program recognizes that most career paths are not linear, and job title progression often no longer applies. It’s up to you to build your own design. CPA Build© is not a substitute for conventional career services. It does facilitate self-directed future-readiness, to help you get and stay in the driver’s seat of your unique career transitions or transformations.

It’s an agile experience. Timing and emphasis are up to you—depending on your unique career ideals and direction. From a career management perspective, the program helps you gain clarity and focus regarding what to refine, upskill or develop, based on your own unique situation, demands, expectations and aspirations, and related career stage, outlook, or goals.

Through a series of self-directed reflections, short quizzes, and inquiry, you’ll discern priority and clear direction. Next steps are supported by direct links to the kinds of resources and approaches to support your success.


Learning Objectives:

Upon Completion of CPA Build© will enable participants to:

  • Consider, discover, and explore key success attributes, demands, and expectations facing CPAs and your own personal readiness and proficiency to meet the challenges.
  • Discern what is most relevant and the appropriate timing, clarity, focus, priority, and direction for your next development, growth, or proficiency advancement.
  • Create and exit with a tailored-to-you, future-ready, personalized plan to support your career goals and aspirations, regardless of career stage.
  • Revisit and redesign your way forward at least yearly and/or whenever anticipating upcoming career disruption, change, transitions, or transformations.



Seminar Content:

Future-ready reflections: Each module of the framework contains a topic overview, an optional 'closer look' for an expanded consideration of that topic, plus an option 'deeper dive' for topic-specific links to further learning and development resources.

Self-test recap: Concluding each part of the framework (Part I: ACCESS and Part II: BRIDGES), is a short self-test recap, with auto-generated feedback and suggestions, depending on your answers. It’s all about helping you to gain focus for your development.

Discussion forum: The program offers a built-in discussion forum, where you can exchange insights, helpful thoughts and ideas with others.

Personalized learning plan: The program concludes with a final one-page proficiency self-check and a quick guide to create your personalized learning plan.

Agile and self-paced: The program can be completed in a few hours, at your pace and convenience. Or you can take your time and take advantage of the many resource links. You can save your progress and return at any time. 

CPD requirements: The modules in the program may qualify for up to 10 hours of your annual unverifiable CPD requirements, depending on how much can be considered new learning.


Who Will Benefit

Suitable for any/all career stages or proficiency levels.

Member Price: $0.00
Non-member Price: $295.00

Delivery Method: E-Learning
Available Now!

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