Building Leaders and Leadership at All Levels

CPD Hours: 3.5 |

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Building Leaders and Leadership at All Levels
Building Leaders and Leadership at All Levels





    This is the most robust, integrated, economical leadership practice possible. We break down the work of leadership into three critical practices that enable leaders to improve their performance and help others do the same:

    1. Improve your performance and results
    2. Engage your employees in making improvements
    3. Cultivate a culture of improving, engaging, and cultivating

    The work at each level prepares you for the next level, and reinforces the work being done at the previous level. We also make it easy for leaders to get started with small, tactical improvements before graduating to strategic, structural, and continuous improvement. This three-part leadership practice is simple enough for you to focus on every day at work. And yet it is also flexible and powerful enough to make you a great leader at any level. Best of all, it enables you to make employees part of the solution and take ownership for their work, and it creates a platform for building other leaders. If you only had a chance to take one leadership workshop, this would be it.



    Learning Objectives:

    Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

    • Understand the economic and strategic value of leadership
    • Learn how to generate better goals and metrics for your projects
    • Discover the essential leadership behaviours for frontline employees
    • Learn how to initiate continuous Improvement: from tactical to strategic 
    • Learn how to engage your employees in continuous improvement 
    • Learn how to cultivate a culture of leadership, engagement, and improvement on your team


     Who Will Benefit:

    Leaders at all levels: managers, team leaders, and entrepreneurs.  

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